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CELT Field Trip

Updated: Apr 8

CELT Field Trip - An Introduction to Coppice Management for Farm Woodlands and Agroforestry - Saturday 17th February, 10am to 4pm, near Puckane, Co.Tipperary. @ Fee €15

This was a wonderful mostly hands-on practical day with Woodland Manager, Ben Williams, Puckane, Tipperary, to explore and learn more about the  setting up of a coppice regime, cutting stems and uses of coppice materials.  

Coppicing is an ancient woodland management technique, almost lost in Ireland, whereby stems are cut every few years, providing craft materials and firewood. vital for our native biodiversity. CELT is eager to support recognition and re-emergence of this important and vital traditional knowledge and skill set necessary for a low carbon development and nature friendly future.

This event was supported with the kind assistance of core funding by the IEN and by Department of Agriculture, Forestry & The Marine under the Forestry Promotion Programme.

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