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Information Resources

Here you will find a collection of resources, videos, articles and links that relate to the topics and work that Celt is involved in.


Native Woodlands & Trees on the Farm

Native Woodland specialist Andrew St. Ledger shows us around on his property in Co. Clare, Ireland. Examples of simple-to-implement Agroforestry and Natural Woodlands are shown and discussed.


Thanks to Andrew St. Ledger, founder of the Woodland League:

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Continuous Cover Forestry

Enjoy our latest video Series with forester Manus Crowley and landowners exploring the ins and outs of continuous cover forestry, commonly referred to as "CCF". With this forest management approach, the aim is to develop and maintain forest stands into permanently irregular structures, that provide high-quality timber, enhance biodiversity and deliver other ecosystem services. Enjoy!

The Great Forest of Aughty 
The woodland League

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