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Plant A Tree

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Plant a tree with CELT! 


Join our Tree planting initiative as we begin the process of reforesting the great hills of Slieve Aughty. 

We are embarking on a journey  - to take small local steps in the greater mission of ecological restoration. 

tree saplings planted inside a fence in a field

 Learn more about the ''Tree coops in fields''

One such example of Agroforestry planting is the creation of tree coupes in grazing fields.

This concept is developed by Andrew St. Ledger, CELT's Native Woodland specialist.

Hereby a biodiversity oasis is created in the middle of the field that can also give shade to livestock, improve drainage and field fertility, and more.

The round design makes for cost-effective and easy-to-put-up fencing, protecting the trees from livestock and deer.

Once the trees are properly established, animals could potentially roam inside the planted coupe as well.

An example of such a Native woodland incubator coupe (pictured above) can be visited at the Slieve Aughty Centre.

CELT plans to create more of those coupes in the region

Our tree planting initiative will work on three levels

 Locally sourced native saplings that support the local landscape and its natural biodiversity 

Agroforestry - planting in mixed use land areas to show the benefit of planting trees alongside farming and cultivation practices. This has benefits for land and people alike, and shows how much can be done in surprising places and ways!


Long term mitigation and management - our vision is long term, and will tie in with greater plans for collaboration with other NGO and conservation efforts. But, our tree planting project and sapling management will be overseen and monitored by local land caretakers and conservationists to ensure longevity and success.

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