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We are a leading provider of ecological and environmental services,

hosting a wide variety of Community Events and Projects.

We offer workshops and training in the following areas; 

Sustainable Living Principles & Practices

Nature Conservation

Agro Forestry

Traditional Craft Skills

Sustainable Woodland Management

Tree Nursery

We work collaboratively to develop ideas and concepts to support eco job creation with environmental, social and economic benefits through promoting biodiversity, agro-forestry (native trees, food trees and organics), coppice crafts, eco-tourism and the use and development of community woodlands.


We currently work with a variety of educational and community groups to further these skills and training, and to generate creative practical responses to our current environmental challenges. 

CELT is achieving its long term aims of creating a national network of sustainable environmental skills and training opportunities. We aim to develop an ever-broadening data-base of skilled professional tutors and appropriate learning venues that can call upon each other for support as necessary.

Our communities are key, and each individual is needed for this great movement we find ourselves a part of!


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Nature Conservation

Tree Nursery

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Get Involved

Become A Member

Avail of a 10% discount on events.

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Through your membership with Celt you will be ensuring the continuing success of the organization and its vital ecological efforts.  You will also benefit from a 10% discount on all purchases, including workshops and courses. 


Plant a Tree
Sponsoring a tree will benefit the earth, give life to those living on it and help to raise necessary funds for our worthwhile cause.



Volunteers are needed for different programs and events, come join the action! 

''I did a Celt course in Tuamgraney 20 years ago. Weekend in the woods. Changed my way of thinking and just wanted to say keep up the good work. Thomas''

To volunteer at events or at Weekend in the Hills please send us a message at

Become A Director

Contribute to Celt, by giving your time and knowledge, to help us grow. Contact us to find out more.

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