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A Field trip with Julius Date to be confirmed

CCF Transformation of Forestry Plantations to Diverse Woodlands - Field Trip

On this field trip we will visit a plantation beside the Ancient Native Woodland at Caher, Lough Graney. The conifer plantation is in the early stage of transformation from a monoculture to a mixed native-conifer forest, with the option of being transformed to a full native woodland eventually. The field trip is mainly intended for (upcoming) forest owners or people active in that field. 

This is being done through selective logging methods also known as continuous cover or close-to-nature forestry. Hereby the plantation is opened up with periodic thinning, enhancing tree quality, biodiversity and other ecosystem services over time, without ever clear felling the forestry. 

The forestry comprises predominantly Sitka spruce, but also mono-cultures of just larch. The owner chooses different ways of transformation with both of these mono-cultures respectively. 

The walk will also go through the neighbouring oak plantation with scotch pine (covering broadleaf management) and the Ancient Native Woodland with oaks of more than 200 years old.   

Topics that are covered & discussed:

  • The basic principles of Continuous Cover Forestry (objectives, treemarking, etc.)

  • The challenges with CCF transformation of Plantation (stand stability and deer management)

  • Various ways of CCF depending on the site and owners objectives (timber vs biodiversity, etc).

  • Various possible interventions (different thinning regimes, underplanting, etc.) incl. management of broadleaf trees.

  • Practical demo of Treemarking & pruning,etc.

  • Discussing conventional harvesting vs low-impact logging methods.

  • Commercial viability & Government support and grants

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