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Centre for Environmental Living and Training

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sapling trees in a frield with a fench around

Plant A Tree

Join our Tree planting initiative as we begin the process of reforesting the great hills of Slieve Aughty. 

We are embarking on a journey  - to take small local steps in the greater mission of ecological restoration. 

Celt Biodiversity 

Click the button below to read about the Celt Biodiversity Submission. Ireland needs to urgently address the continuing loss of biodiversity as a result of unsustainable and damaging practices.  Biodiversity is the diversity of life all around us that provides clean air, good water and healthy soil – all essential for healthy plants, animals and people.  CELT offers some realistic solutions to this crisis, set out in our submission to the Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity Loss.

Large tree in a forset with narly bark
Trees & brances in a forest with bluebells on the ground


CELT have been working with a number of NGOs, community groups and individuals in the Slieve Aughty region of East Clare and South Galway providing support, education and training relating to biodiversity enhancement and wildlife corridors. We are now creating an umbrella Slieve Aughty Local Landscape Partnership network to better support and connect these groups and to invite input from landowners and other heritage / conservation- related groups. We have the support of international EcoAgriculture Partners and a number of other environmental NGOs with the idea to create a national Landscape Partnerships forum to share information and create new partnerships in different regions. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about this project. We are planning to host a conference later this year.

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