Straw Craft

Learn the ancient and magical craft of weaving with golden stalks of wheat.


Using traditional heritage varieties, participants discover the many fascinating ways people have used this simple, natural material, to create things that are both beautiful and mysterious.


Ever since man first grew domestic crops, such as Wheat, Barley, Oats and Rye, they have been closely linked to the mysteries of the harvest and the spirit of fertility. Worshiped in ancient Egypt, as the God Osiris, and in Europe as a goddess of the corn, these harvest emblems have been created for thousands of years, to ensure a fruitful crop, and give people the certainty that they will survive the following winter.


Come and explore these fascinating techniques, and discover the ancient Irish folklore and customs associated with each different design.


First, learn how to make the basic plaits, that then lead onto more complex designs. Leaving you with a wonderful collection of straw designs, to take home and treasure. Create a Harvest Knot’ for Good Luck, or make ‘Love Favours’ to give to the one you love. We will make native Irish designs, as well as look at others from around the world, and see just how universal this craft really is.


Weave a corn horseshoe to hang up in your home to bring you good fortune, or make a traditional Irish spiral babies rattle, to give to a new Mother. The only limit to this craft is your imagination!


Melanie Lorien

Materials charge: €10 payable directly to the tutor.

Melanie Lorien has been working with straw for over 25 year, and is a long term member and, Irish regional representative for the ‘International Guild of Straw Craftsmen’. She has also been teaching Heritage Straw work, with The Heritage in Schools Scheme, all over Ireland in National Schools for many years, as well as demonstrating and run workshops for The National Museum of Country Life, in Castelbar, Co. Mayo since it first opened. She demonstrates and teaches Straw Craft all around the country, at heritage, craft and Museum events, and is also in the process of writing a book on the history of wheat, and harvest folklore.