Spinning, Weaving & Natural Dyeing


This course offers a fabulous introduction to the age-old craft of spinning and weaving wool and the opportunity to make a small bag.



Weaving:  Make your own easy to use weaving loom. Design and weave your own handbag.

All natural 100% wool used.


Spinning:  Learn how to spin wool on a spinning-wheel and with a drop-spindle. Learn how to use a wool-carder.


Making natural dyes:  Learn how to make natural dyes from plants and tree barks. Dye 2 skeins of hand spun sheep’s wool  and a cotton bag  with natural dyes to take home.


Each participant will also receive comprehensive written instructions on will spinning and natural dyes.


Materials charge is €17 and is to be paid to the tutor.


Course tutor : Susanna Anker