Climate change


Our planet is in peril. If we do not change course, we’ll hand our children a situation that is out of their control. Article by James Hansen (NASA) in Observer

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To all climate change septics – a message from Bob Wilson (CELT)

Fact 1 – global temperatures are steadily rising, as measured by thousands of meteorological stations, universities, schools, etc, around the globe

Fact 2 – CO2 levels in the atmosphere have risen dramatically in recent years and records show that temperature levels follow them.

Fact 3 – Ice at both poles is melting – last year was the first time in recorded history that boats were able to circumnavigate the Arctic. Also, in Antarctica, the Larsen B ice shelf broke up in just 35 days following development of hundreds of melt-pools.

Fact 4 – Permafrost is melting around the Northern Hemisphere and creating thousands of lakes that are bubbling methane into the atmosphere

Fact 5 – Extreme weather events are becoming more commonplace

Fact 6 – Everyone on the planet will be affected as a result of drought, floods, storms – especially regarding security of food and energy supplies

Do you really think it’s a good idea to ignore it all and make no preparation because the measurements might not all be accurate – or maybe you imagine that the many thousands of scientists, engineers and scholars involved in the measuring are all part of some conspiracy ?

Quote from author Thomas Keneally : “I always throw Nome, Alaska, at anyone who expresses doubt about climate change around our place. Admittedly, Nome is a long way from Australia, but last summer my wife and I saw there a number of moored, well-rigged but unexceptional yachts that had come through the Northwest Passage. Only Arctic melt made this possible. Then, a month ago, my grandson and I went with others for a flight over the coast of Antarctica. A scientist on board pointed out clearly discernible blue melt-pools on the surface of the tongue of an ice shelf, an utterly new and unprecedented symptom of increasing temperatures. And in between, Australia with its long-term droughts and violent storms and awful catastrophes…” (Guardian 20.2.09)

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