Sheepskin Tanning



Come learn the ancient art of tanning! This is a skill all our ancestors carried, being essential to life for clothing, bedding and making other utilitarian and ceremonial items. At the end of the weekend you will come away with a beautiful cosy sheepskin rug and the skills for tanning any animal hide with hair/wool left on, from washing, scraping, racking&drying, egging to stretching. Please note that this is a visceral class but highly rewarding. I myself have been a vegetarian since I was 8 but have found this ancient art deepening my relationships with animals, in a respectful honouring way. When I tanned my first hide (a deer hide into buckskin in California about 6 years ago) I felt an ancient remembering awoken inside of me, the muscle memory of thousands of years of ancestral knowledge. Materials fee: €10

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