• Longbow



    Learn how to make a traditional wooden longbow with hand tools.

    Participants will be provided with a suitable stave, usually ash or elm wood, from which to shape their bow-blank. Once the shaping is done, participants can begin the tillering process - teaching the wood to take the necessary bend in a controlled manner.

    This course is intended to convey the skills and techniques required to make a longbow. As time on the course is limited participants may leave with a partially finished longbow.

    The course involves the use of woodworking hand tools and can be physically demanding. Tools are provided, however, please feel free to bring any tools you may already have (axe, drawknife, spokeshave, surform etc).

    A suitable string is included in the €50 materials cost.

    Course tutor: Jack Pinson

    Please note our cancellation policy; we require minimum 7 days notice before the event for a full refund to be paid.


      Please note that each course can only go ahead with a minimum of 3 participants. When you select a course you will be asked to make a second and third choice you are interested in. If your first choice is not available, you will be notified and transferred to your second/third choice.