Bushcraft Workshop with the Smooth Gefixt You-tubers
  • Bushcraft Workshop with the Smooth Gefixt You-tubers

    Bushcraft includes knowledge and skills about living & surviving in the forest, nature or wilderness. It’s useful to know when you are hiking or making a worldtrip. Bushcraft is based on using nature, eco-friendly practices, and the principle “The more you know the less you carry” (Mors Kochanski). 


    The things we will learn & practise:
    - Basic skills of using a knife (and Axe)
    - Firemaking (several techniques, if enough time also the bowdrill!)
    - Sleeping setup in the outdoors (setting up tarp, tarp knots, etc.),
    - Cooking on campfire (making a pothanger)
    - Woodcarving (carving a spoon, for example)
    - Useable treespecies and wild edibles
    - (Optional: Cordage weaving from natural fibers)


    Your tutors:

    We are Julius & Dylan from 'Smooth Gefixt' and we make Bushcraft & Survival video's on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/smoothgefixt). As two cousins, we have both been passionate about the natural world since a young age! After starting off with camping in the back garden and exploring different surroundings, we developed a more wilderness skillset and started recording.

    See you at the Celtweekend for some fun in Nature!

    You can bring a child, but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

    Please note our cancellation policy; we require minimum 7 days notice before the event for a full refund to be paid.