Natural Building


This is a practical course where participants will learn to build using a range of natural materials with a mixture of techniques including: Cob (Mix of sub soil and straw) and Cord Wood ( Logs and clay motar with sawdust insulation).


Participants will learn how to build walls, how to test SubSoil, how to mix cob and natural insulation and see the wide possibilities for building inexpensive beautiful and natural buildings both small and large while having fun.


This is very much a hands and feet workshop! Wellies or work boots are recommended.



Course tutor : Saul Mosbacher

Saul has been building with natural techniques for 15 years, including houses using Cob, Wattle and Daub, Straw-bale and Cordwood. He also has experience in Round-pole carpentry and construction of Living Roofs and has built many Earth Ovens. Saul has been teaching Natural Building, Coppice Management and Green woodwork for 12 years and believes that keeping his workshops as practical as possible is the best way to learn these skills.