Longbow Making


Learn how to make a traditional wooden longbow with hand tools.


Participants will be provided with a suitable stave, usually ash wood and bamboo, from which to shape their bow-blank. Once the shaping is done, participants begin the tillering process - gradually teaching the wood to take the necessary bend in a controlled manner.


This course is intended to convey the skills and techniques required to make a longbow. As time on the course is limited, participants will likely leave with a partially finished longbow, but with the knowledge of how to complete their project.


The course involves the use of woodworking hand tools and can be physically demanding. Tools and work stations are provided.


A suitable bow string is included in the €40 materials cost.


Course tutor: Jack Pinson, Living Longbows.


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Jack Pinson is an apprentice bowyer with the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers, training under the Master Bowyer Don Adams. He first came to bow making through C.E.L.T.’s weekend training event in May 2010 and has been building on that experience ever since.


Jack passed his recreational longbow assessment with the Craft Guild of Bowyers and Fletchers in September 2015, and is now a master bowyer of the Guild.


He is an enthusiastic teacher whose knowledge of bow making, archery and wood work is constantly growing!