Herbal Worskhop for 9-13 year olds


“We must take our children into the wild, introduce them to the plants, and teach them of their connection to the earth. In instilling in our children a respect for plant medicine, we not only care for their tender bodies but help pass along the seeds of a tradition that is as old as human life itself.”  - Rosemary Gladstar


Enter the world of sweet-smelling herbs and plants and experience how they can be helpful to us in all sorts of simple ways.


Depending on the time of year, your child will experience and make a selection from:


- Fresh Herbal Teas

- Calendula Balm (lip balm and for cuts & scrapes)

- Foot baths / Herbal bathbombs

- Herbal Honeys

- Sweet Dreams Balm / Spray

- Sage toothbrush

- Elderberry Syrup, for coughs and colds

- Meadowsweet Glycerite, for sore tummies & headaches


All items made will be taken home by participants. Only the finest natural ingredients will be used. On both days we will take a fun herbal walk, to forage, identify and collect plants for use (and for Tea!) and allowing us to see the plants growing in their natural environment.  

Children can also choose some plants to examine under our microscope for that essential ‘Wow!’ factor.
















€10 materials charge applies and is paid to the tutor on the day. Suitable footwear / outdoor clothing required.

For any children who suffer badly from Asthma / Eczema / Hayfever, please contact tutor to check suitability of workshop.

Wood Sorrel Best
Wood Sorrel Best
Collecting Eyebright Herb
Collecting Eyebright Herb
Calendula Flowers
Calendula Flowers