This seasonal workshop is a celebration of the gifts of the plant world. The course includes a miscellany of the following;

•       Exploration and study of fresh plant material, including history, folklore and uses.
•       Making seasonal health boosting recipes with wild and garden ingredients such as Fruit & Flower syrups, Herb oils and butters, Flavored and medicinal vinigers, Seasonal soups, Foraged salads, Candied edible flowers and Preserves and condiments.

Course also covers

•       Making herbal ointments

•       Making medicinal infused oils
•       Making herbal tinctures
•       Exploring remedies for certain ailments
•       Drying herbs, roots, leaves, bark and seeds
•       Making and using aromatic herbal smudge sticks
•       Hedgerow exploring walk with some foraging where

•       Health and safety aspects of herb lore

 Boots and waterproofs recommended


Course tutor: Kes Clarke

Materials charge: €10

Strong boots / Wellingtons, outdoor rain-gear recommended.

Forest Garden training day with Kes Clarke.jpg
Forest Garden training day with Kes Clarke.jpg

As a tutor and volunteer with CELT for 10 years, Kes has enjoyed creating a rather unique traveling show bringing information on plants and their uses to the general public at numerous festivals and events including Electric Picnic (10 years).  For over twelve years she has taught various plant based workshops in different locations.


During the past three years she has been an associate member of the Irish Register of Herbalists and has worked with them on their Herbfeast events at the Organic Centre in Leitrim.


Kes has lived in the Clare hills for the best part of 20 years.  During this time she and her family have worked 2 acres of stony hillside (An Bronntanus) into a terraced garden and small holding with chickens, fish, bees and lots of interesting plants, trees, rocks, poly tunnel, spring water ponds, fruits, flowers, veg beds and a new forest garden area.


During this time she has tried to make the most of being surrounded by nature’s wonderful bounty by unearthing and utilising old recipes for beers, wines, and preserves as well as experimenting with making other seasonal plant produce including foodstuffs and herbal remedies.