Celtic Tree Trail

On our Celtic Tree walk with Mary and Robert White,from Blackstairs Eco Trails, we will discover how important trees were to our ancestors, the Celts, who lived in Ireland 2,500 years ago.

They divided their trees into Nobles, Commoners and the Lesser Divisions of the wood. Each tree had it’s own letter of the Ogham alphabet . Trees were protected and codes of behaviour developed to ensure their survival. Included in the morning session is a hands on walk to identify Celtic Trees, the so called Nobles Trees and the Commoners. After lunch we give a more detailed talk on the Celtic way of life and a session on what the Celts would have foraged for , to sustain themselves. 

Our trail will show you the 7 Nobles and the 7 Commoners, their uses, healing powers, folklore and much more.


This is a one day course which will be held on Sunday September 25th 2016. Price is 50 euros for the day.