Our Mission Statement

To build on our existing role as a leading service provider of ecological and environmental services by:


- Promoting skills in sustainable practices, habitation creation, biodiversity, traditional skills and organic production.


- Providing training courses in traditional skills to promote continued use by, and relevance to contemporary society.


- Developing ideas and concepts to support eco job creation with environmental, social and economic benefits through agro-forestry (native trees and organics), coppice crafts, eco-tourism and the use of community woodlands.


- Working with educational groups to further awareness of and encourage sustainable living practices in respect of wildlife habitat protection and the adverse effects of climate change, pollution and other environmental issues.


- Collaborating and sharing knowledge and information with other organisations for the purpose of acheiving our mutual goals.

In the long-term, CELT aims to create a national network of sustainable environmental skills awareness-raising, educational, and training opportunities making use of the resources available in the locality where the opportunity takes place.  To this end we will develop an ever-broadening data-base of skilled professional tutors and appropriate learning venues that can call upon each other for support as necessary.


January 2015